Immigration Case Management Immidock

Immigration Case Management Software and HR Suite – Immidock

What is ImmiDock ?

ImmiDock is an Immigration compliance software which allows all our clients to manage all of our cases from a personalized dashboard. Our portal provides a conduit for both employer and employee to track case progress, monitor and complete questionnaire and securely upload and view documents.

ImmiDock brings our Firm and clients closer for a better management of Immigration cases and reduce the communication gap for a better experience.

ImmiDock is cloud-based and some of the key features:

  • LCA Summary : Complete list of LCA’s filed.
  • Document Management : Store and manage all the documents at one centralized location.
  • Case Progress : Track cases at every stage of the process from start to finish and get notified of any changes.
  • Reminders : Never miss a deadline either a employee visa expiration or RFE due dates.
  • Employee portal : Employee gets updates on case progress and completes the questionnaire online thus eliminating human error during case preparation.