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Law Offices Of Mary Kennedy

Law Offices of Mary Kennedy, LLC is a full-service established immigration law firm based in Schaumburg, IL with offices in Chicago, IL and Hillsboro, OR. Our practice is limited to Immigration and Nationality law with an emphasis on employment, family, and citizenship and naturalization matters.

We provide legal immigration services to Businesses, Families and Individuals across the United States and throughout the World.

Whether you are an immigrant seeking a visa or an employer of foreign workers, our services will help you make sense of the process.

All the work regarding consultation can be done via in person, phone, Skype, or email at your convenience. Our services can be accessed throughout the world. We give our assurance that everything is done in a very secure and confidential manner.

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Immigration Case Management Software And
HR Suite – Immidock

What Is Immidock?

ImmiDock is an Immigration compliance software which allows all our clients to manage all of our cases from a personalized dashboard. Our portal provides a conduit for both employer and employee to track case progress, monitor and complete questionnaires and securely upload and view documents.

ImmiDock brings our Firm and clients closer for a better management of Immigration cases and reduce the communication gap for a better experience.

Immidock Is Cloud-based And Some Of The Key Features:

  • LCA Summary: Complete list of LCA’s filed.
  • Document Management: Store and manage all the documents at one centralized location.
  • Case Progress: Track cases at every stage of the process from start to finish and get notified of any changes.
  • Reminders: Never miss a deadline either an employee visa expiration or RFE due dates.
  • Employee portal: Employee gets updates on case progress and completes the questionnaire online thus eliminating human error during case preparation.

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Legal immigration to the United States is not always a smooth path. Immigration laws are complex and change frequently, making it difficult for people who wish to come to the US through a family-based or business-based visa to represent themselves. The safest way to ensure your immigration goals are achieved is through the help of a qualified immigration attorney.

From her offices in Schaumburg, IL, and Hillsboro, OR, immigration attorney Mary Kennedy provides comprehensive and personalized legal services to businesses and individuals around the world looking to make sense of the immigration process.

At the Law Offices of Mary Kennedy, we strive to ease your mind regarding your immigration case through our competent and confidential services, our frequent communication with you, and our convenient appointment availability. Whether you’re an immigrant seeking a visa through a family member or employer, or you’re an employer of foreign workers, attorney Mary Kennedy and her incomparable legal team can assist you.

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