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If you or anyone you know—be it a friend, family member, or work associate—is an immigrant to the United States, you probably already know how long, complicated, and difficult it can be to work toward citizenship, permanent resident status, or even a visa.

What you might not know is that there is help out there for people who need guidance through the immigration process. In Chicago, IL, one of the best people to have on your side is Attorney Mary Kennedy. Attorney Kennedy is a dedicated, passionate advocate for the rights, welfare, and best interest of immigrants to the United States. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of clients achieve their immigration goals and live out their own American dreams.

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Attorney Kennedy and her talented team of support staff pride themselves on going above and beyond for their clients. They proudly serve and represent immigrant communities in the greater Chicago area, as well as in both Cook County and DuPage County.

The Law Offices of Mary Kennedy offer a full suite of immigration-based legal services, including:

  • Work Visas and Business-Based Immigration: Many talented professionals come to the US from around the world to pursue their career goals. In order to work legally, they must apply for a temporary or permanent employment visa.

Most applicants only need a temporary employment visa. Temporary employment visas last anywhere from one week to three years, after which the applicant must return home. They usually require the sponsorship of the applicant’s employer. Once a temporary work visa expires, the applicant must return home.

Some examples of temporary employment visas include:

  • H-IB: For educated workers in a specialty occupation or intellectual field.
  • H-2A and H-2B: For seasonal or temporary agricultural (H2A) or non-agricultural (H2B) workers.
  • I Visa: For members of the foreign press.
  • L Visa: For managerial employees or those with specific training temporarily transferring within their company
  • O Visa: For those with “extraordinary and exceptional abilities/achievements” and their traveling companions/family members.
  • P Visa: For performers, athletes, and artists “who excel” and their traveling companions/family members.
  • R Visa: For religious workers coming to work for any religious organization that has tax-exempt status in the United States.

Other applicants opt for permanent employment visas, or employment-based green cards. They do not expire, may become pathways to citizenship, and extend to the recipient’s spouse and minor children. Only 140,000 of these visas are granted every year. The selection process is very competitive, prioritizing workers who are considered more highly skilled.

Some examples of permanent employment visas include:

  1. EB-1: For workers with “extraordinary ability”, outstanding intellectuals/researchers, and business executives/managers
  2. EB-2: For workers with advanced degrees/experience or who will otherwise benefit the US substantially
  3. EB-3: For skilled workers and professionals
  4. EB-4: For investors who “can support US economic growth

Applying for any type of employment visa—temporary or permanent—is a complex process that requires the applicant to extensively document their qualifications and make a persuasive case for why their visa should be granted. In addition to navigating all of the necessary paperwork and coordinating with your employer-sponsor, Attorney Mary Kennedy will make a compelling, thorough case on your behalf. She will take the time to learn your unique strengths and potential contributions to the US, giving your application the best possible chance for success.

  • Family Visas and Family-Based Immigration: Most legal immigrants in the US start their pathway to citizenship or permanent residence through family-based immigration. The US has several pathways for eligible citizens/permanent residents (“petitioners”) to sponsor their family members (“beneficiaries”) for a visa or a green card.

There are two categories of family-based immigration visa: immediate relative visas (for the petitioner’s spouse, parents, and unmarried children under 21) and family preference visas (for all other relatives of the petitioner). Both categories contain many sub-visas which each potential beneficiary must select from.

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Family-based immigration can be incredibly complicated, with many specific rules and qualifications, a huge amount of required paperwork and documentation, and a large number of potential pitfalls. For instance, while there are an unlimited number of immediate relative visas granted each year, family preference visas are limited, and often have many disqualifies and extremely long wait times. No matter what, the family immigration process is often long, difficult, and overwhelming, and can be exceedingly difficult for petitioners to handle on their own.

Attorney Mary Kennedy regularly represents clients going through family-based immigration, bringing extensive knowledge, experience, and empathetic understanding to the table. From the beginning of the process through to the end, Attorney Kennedy will help you put your best case forward, helping you build a strong petition to facilitate your reunion with your loved one as quickly, painlessly, and effectively as possible. Attorney Kennedy and her team will ensure all your paperwork is handled correctly and on-time, and will advocate tirelessly on your behalf.

Are you or a loved one struggling with the US immigration system? Are you looking for an experienced immigration attorney in Chicago? Immigration attorney Mary Kennedy and the team at the Law Offices of Mary Kennedy are here to help. Call(847) 220-1560 for a free consultation today.

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