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What Are The Requirements To Qualify For A Marriage-Based I-130 Petition?

In order to qualify for a marriage-based I-130 petition, the petitioner, who is the sponsoring person for the spouse, has to be a US citizen or permanent resident. A permanent resident is commonly known as a green card holder. Therefore, both a US citizen and permanent resident can file an I-130 petition for a spouse who is outside of the United States. Read More

What Would Be Some Reasons That An I-130 Petition Would Be Denied?

A common reason why an I-130 petition gets denied is because it is not properly completed at the initial time of filing. The I-130 has to be signed and the corresponding fees have to be included. However, once the petition has been accepted, and the receipt notices have been received, they will begin the request for evidence (RFE). The RFE will be issued before they deny a petition. I have rarely seen a petition get denied without an RFE. The documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other supporting documents. The officer who decides the case has to completely understand that it is a genuinely based wedding. Read More

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