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What Are The Qualifications For A Marriage-Based I-485 Application?

The qualifications for a marriage-based I-485 are the same as the I-130 petition. The I-485 is called an adjustment of status. To be eligible for an I-485, the petitioner has to be in the United States. That’s a very minimal mandatory requirement. Read More

What Happens After The Marriage-Based I-485 Application Is Approved?

When the marriage-based I-485 application is approved, the petition obtains an adjustment of status. The approval of the I-485 means that the beneficiary has been approved for the permanent resident card. The card will be received a few weeks after the final interview date, depending on the officer’s decision to communicate with the USCIS to produce the card. If the applicant has not received a social security number, they can then apply for it. If the applicant has a social security, the condition on that is temporary. As such, they would be updating the social security office that they have been approved for a permanent resident card. Read More

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