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A US citizenship through naturalization is a bill that Congress passed that enables people to become US citizens. There are a few different criteria which qualifies a person to get naturalized as a US citizen. Whereas, children who are born in the United States naturally become US citizens. Children are granted citizenship of the United States as long as they are born irrespective of their parents’ nationality. A person qualifies for naturalization if they have managed to maintain a physical presence in the United States with a permanent resident card for five years. However, if a person wants to apply for a US citizenship as a permanent resident, but they hardly live in the United States and only visit once a year or every six months, it will be hard to prove to the government that they are not intending to abandon.

Another criteria to citizenship is maintaining a residence in the US and filing taxes. However, the most important criteria is maintaining the physical presence in the country. If a person is on a family-based marriage visa, the time period is only three years. After three years, they can apply for US Citizenship.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For Naturalization In The United States?

The eligibility requirement for naturalization is maintaining a physical presence in the United States on a permanent resident card for five years. Or, if it’s a family or marriage-based green card, which is a permanent resident card, the timeframe is three years. There are some exceptions allowed for people who travel for more than six months, one year, or more than year out of the US. They can apply for a re-entry permit.

What Are The Steps In The Naturalization Process In The United States?

The steps in the naturalization process begins with applying under an N-400 form and providing all of the details relating to the presence. The most important criteria is not residing outside of the US for more than six months. There are other eligibility requirements if the petitioner has traveled abroad and stayed outside of United States for a while.

Along with the N-400 form, the petitioner will need to submit a few documents. They will need to submit a photo ID, such as their driver’s license, and a passport copy with their travel details. If it’s an employment-based visa, there are other documents that need to be submitted, like tax returns.

How Long Does The Naturalization Process Generally Take?

The timeframe of the naturalization process will depend on the Applicant’s state. Normally, however, once the application is submitted to the USCIS, transferred to the local office, and the petitioner’s biometrics, the process takes about one year. Currently, it’s a bit prolonged since the biometrics are not being obtained in person, but it typically takes one year.

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