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There are many reasons why a person would be denied naturalization. A person can get denied if they do not wait for five years to pass. Also, the government performs very detailed background checks. They collect a lot of information about the individual. They can see if there is any abandonment, which means that they don’t consider the United States to be their permanent residence. Other petitioners get denied if they do not meet the minimum English language proficiency and/or fail the civil exam. However, they can reappear and get qualified.

What Happens Once My Application For Naturalization Is Approved?

After you submit an N-400 form, within two to three weeks you will need to get the biometrics done. Once the biometrics or fingerprints are submitted, the government will run a background check. They will look into your history of stay, any criminal activity, and everything else related to you as a resident. Usually, that is the reason for a delay in the process. Following the background check, you will be called for an in-person interview.

At the interview, you will be tested for a minimum English language capacity. Then, you will take a test related to civil knowledge. Recently, they increased the number of questions on the civil knowledge exam. They want to make sure that the person who is interested in becoming naturalized is serious and understands the civics of the country. When it comes to the English knowledge portion, you only need a very minimal knowledge of understanding. You’ll need to understand the sentences being said in English. It’s not a proficiency English language test. Some states will have an oath ceremony scheduled immediately after the tests are completed. However, most of states have a longer waiting period to have the oath ceremony after the applicant passes the interview.

What Can I Do If I Am Denied Naturalization By Immigration? Can I Reapply?

If you are denied naturalization, the course of action taken will depend the circumstances around the denial. One option can definitely be to reapply. However, you must consider the timeline. Sometimes, it might be better to appeal. At our firm, we work with the client to figure out what the best solution would be in their particular case.

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