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What Is US Citizenship Through Naturalization?

A US citizenship through naturalization is a bill that Congress passed that enables people to become US citizens. There are a few different criteria which qualifies a person to get naturalized as a US citizen. Whereas, children who are born in the United States naturally become US citizens. Children are granted citizenship of the United States as long as they are born irrespective of their parents’ nationality. A person qualifies for naturalization if they have managed to maintain a physical presence in the United States with a permanent resident card for five years. However, if a person wants to apply for a US citizenship as a permanent resident, but they hardly live in the United States and only visit once a year or every six months, it will be hard to prove to the government that they are not intending to abandon. Read More

Why Would Someone Be Denied Naturalization?

There are many reasons why a person would be denied naturalization. A person can get denied if they do not wait for five years to pass. Also, the government performs very detailed background checks. They collect a lot of information about the individual. They can see if there is any abandonment, which means that they don’t consider the United States to be their permanent residence. Other petitioners get denied if they do not meet the minimum English language proficiency and/or fail the civil exam. However, they can reappear and get qualified. Read More

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